Esther Odeke — Liollio Architecture — Week Six

LOG SUMMARY: 10/04-10/07   |   14 hours



  • worked 3 hours
  • attended monthly office-wide meeting, everyone discussed progress on current projects
  • worked on finding data to create digital model of the area surrounding the site for the ECHS Support building
  • met with the ECHS team to discuss specifics for model
  • AXP Hours: 3


  • worked 4 hours
  • made changes to site model boundaries
  • continued working on digital site model in SketchUp
  • AXP Hours: 4


  • worked 3 hours
  • continued working on digital site model in SketchUp
  • AXP Hours: 3


  • worked 4 hours
  • continued working on digital model of site in SketchUp
  • attended internship midterm evaluation
  • met with mentor and discussed typical career path for an architect
  • AXP hours: 4


This week I’ve been able to continue working on the Early College High School Support Building. I’ve been spending a lot of time using SketchUp to create a digital model of the site and the surrounding context. This will be used to 3D print the buildings surrounding the site, which will then be placed onto laser cut chipboard for the full model. Working in SketchUp to make this model has been really helpful in growing my understanding and experience in the program. I was also able to sit down with my mentor this week and discuss a little bit about what the career path of an architect looks like after graduation. This really helped me visualize what some of the next few years might look like in my career.


Below are some examples of what I’ve been working on this week.



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