Zachary Stuermer | Bryan May Architecture | 09/27-10/01

The Danielson Rd project for Nikos Hecht continues to progress. I have wrapped up interior elevations and am now working on window and door elevations and schedules. There is still a lot to do for this house including the plumbing and electrical schedules and many other tasks but I am going to start getting a little bit more involved with “Tree Farm” as well.

“Tree Farm” is a multi-unit high end condo project down in Basalt. This project started over the summer and I was fortunate enough to work on a lot of the conceptual design work so it will be exciting to carry it through to a finished CD set over the next few months. I was supposed to sit in on a financial analysis meeting this week for this project but I was in studio and couldn’t attend.

Another project that will be coming back online soon is a 1980’s remodel in the West End of Aspen. I laid out the existing floor plans this past summer in Revit and then it stalled for a month or so due to client unresponsiveness.

AXP: 15hrs

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