Maddi Riester | Tyler A. Smyth Architects | 09.27.21-10.01.21

Hours: 21 AXP: 21

This week the electrical plans were sent off to be approved for the Young Residence. In addition, I worked on some interior elevations so the Youngs can get a visual of how their future home is coming along. A few posts back, I mentioned I had a site visit on James Island for the Killian family. These were the clients that wants to convert their FROG into a bedroom for their boys. They came in and I was able to sit in on the meeting with them and we were able to discuss what their ideas were, while my boss, Tyler, drew them out and I took quite a bit of notes from what was discussed. I also got to work on some window and door schedules today and learned how we organized our sets. I think the most rewarding part from this week was being able to problem-solve with Tyler on how we can make the vision on what the Killians wanted a reality. It was cool seeing the client and architect work together.

Pictured are the Young Residence’s interior elevations for their future home in Charleston, SC that I had set up for another employee. Linework was drawn on top of to show the Youngs how we envision their interior spaces by also being mindful of what they wanted/

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