Esther Odeke — Liollio Architecture — Week Five

LOG SUMMARY: 09/27-09/30   |   14 hours



  • worked 3 hours
  • worked to prepare for ECHS program meeting on 09/28.
  • Researched images for different programmatic spaces, created tools to help clients visualize different sizes and placements for different programs
  • AXP Hours: 3


  • worked 4 hours
  • attended a programming workshop for the ECHS support building
    • early stages of determining what programs are needed and which are not, class sizes, etc.
  • AXP Hours: 4


  • worked 3 hours
  • attended tutorial on model making procedures and using a laser cutter
  • AXP Hours: 3


  • worked 4 hours
  • determined boundaries for site model in AutoCad
  • began preparations for making the model next week
  • AXP Hours: 4


PROJECT: Early College High School (ECHS) Support Building

LOCATION: Charleston, South Carolina


This week I began work on a new project — the ECHS Support building. This building will house many of the programmatic spaces needed for the students who attend the Early College High School. I was able to help this week in preparing for the program workshop, in which information was gathered to help begin to determine what spaces would be included in the building. It has been extremely beneficial to be involved in a project that is still in its very early developmental stages, and to be in a position to follow this project through the course of the semester.


Below are some examples of the work I was able to do this week.


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