Jessica Longhurst – Week 5 – 09.27.2021 to 09.30.2021 LS3P

Hours: 16 AXP Hours: 16

This week I continued progress on the decorative gate for the warehouse site. I am continuing to refine my skills with families and setting up sheets in Revit. I also worked on schematic designs for a community center off of a Beach Access on Kiawah Island. I started to contemplate programming and what would be most successful for the design intent. Two schemes are of focus: additions to an existing center, and a brand new, more modern community center for the private residents. I also have continued to work on presentations for the Post and Courier demolition plans.

Records of Work:

Post and Courier Demolition Plan (COM)

Cross Gate Building B (COM)

Unsure of Project Number for Kiawah Island Project

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