RJ Gross | Beau Clowney Architects | Week 5


This week I worked a total of 16 hours and earned 16 AXP hours.

This week I worked one primarily one project. This project is located in Mount Pleasant.  After talking with the client via zoom and exchanged multiple emails, the clients asked to us to add a bathroom in the guest bedroom above the garage. For this I had to go to the site and measure the walls the framing crew had already constructed. The main challenge for this was that the roof was sloped where the bathroom would go. I had to make sure there was enough head room (6’8″) in front of the toilet and in the shower. Because the wall was already framed, we needed to work with the crew already assembled. After measuring on site, working with my mentor, I was able to add a bathroom and closet in the room.

Overall this week, I learned the process of making late changes in a project and how to adjust our design. I also learned that many mistakes occur on the construction site, such as the framing crew not following the plans and how to adjust design so we did not fall behind in the project.

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