Brittany Lapple | SMHa | Sept. 20 – Sept. 24

Weekly Hours: 14 | Total Hours: 82

This week’s main objective was to finalize our set to submit to the contractor for pricing. I worked towards adding more information to the drawings, focusing specifically on detail sheets. I am still learning the importance of including even minor details in pricing sets, as they can have a profound effect on the overall cost of a project. This week I spent some time researching and studying the exterior canopy detail with Chris. It was crucial to finalize its basic structure and materiality prior to our deadline. This canopy went through numerous iterations. Elements that we considered included whether it was steel or wood construction, how it tied back to the building, and how signage would be incorporated later. We consulted our structural engineer throughout the process to make sure the design remained feasible. It was interesting to see how this canopy evolved from a simple 3D mass in Revit into something that could be constructed.

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