Michaela Chrisman – Red Iron Architects // 09.20.2021-09.24.2021

Time worked: 18

AXP Hours Earned: 18

Tasks Performed:

  1. Revise working SD set of drawings per client requests during last weeks meeting
  2. Coordination with furniture consultants 
  3. Order updated samples of flooring for client and deliver
  4. Create digital model for new healthcare project and set up SD set to be used on project 


This week I learned the importance of 3d modeling the correct conditions of an existing building to help create an accurate plan of future use and to allow contractors to have a clear understanding of what is getting demolished without having to go back and forth on communication with us. 







project title : HLA Facelift

project location: 29A Leinbach Dr, Charleston, SC 29407

project scope: Renovation of Lobby, Conference, Offices, and Exterior

project manager : Michaela Chrisman

role of the student : PM


project title : Fetter OBGYN and Peds Office Renovation

project location:

project scope: Renovation of existing building for new MOB

project manager : Elizabeth Weir 

role of the student : Assist 

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