Emma Gibson – Week 3

AXP Hours: 16 hours

Time Worked: 16 hours

Tasks Performed: worked on setting up PowerCADD on separate computers; Godley side elevations

Lessons Learned: Our office uses PowerCADD for all of our drawings. As many in the architecture community already know, the drafting software PowerCADD is no longer being updated to accommodate the latest Mac operating systems. I spent a lot of time this week setting up PowerCADD on old office computers to make sure we are able to continue to use the software in the foreseeable future. We are making the transition from PowerCADD to AutoCAD, however, a number of projects are currently underway in PowerCADD which means we must keep at least two computers running on High Sierra until they are finished. Changing software is a big undertaking in an architectural office setting. It involves making sure all of the computers are able to run the new software and that everyone in the office is willing and able to learn the new program. This week showed me just how important CAD programs are in architecture today. The time spent setting up and learning a new program can significantly slow down work. 

As far as architectural work performed this week, I continued the side elevations of the Godley residential building. I am working on a spiral staircase leading down from a Juliet balcony, the large back porch staircase, and finalizing window placements. 

Records of Work:

Project Title: Godley Residential Renovation

Project Location: Sullivan’s Island 

Project Scope: extensive exterior and interior renovations

Project Manager: Alicia Reed

Role of the Student: all drawings (as-built, plans, demo, additions, elevations) 

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