Ian Kordonis | Kevin Hoertdoefer Architects | Week Three

Total Hours| 11 Hours
AXP Hours| 11 Hours

Monday + Wednesday + Thursday
09.06.21 – 09.10.21

Ian’s Week:

This week looked at increasing structure support in the form of steel L-bars and horizontal slats underneath the stringer of the Mungo House staircase. We have also chosen to fabricate the wood plants so that they ‘slot’ into the already fabricated steel marsh reed spindles. The spindles themselves have been recorded to detail their behaviors on angling for each iteration , and are also adjusted to match the ADA code of staying under 4″ spacing, for child safety.

Also being inspired by Scarpa, I made a layered wall mount grip rail with wood and steel, having the steel connection points go through the wood and into the wall. Structural support on the inside of the wall has not been decided yet.

Records of work:

One image shows the schematic elevation of the interior stairs of the Mungo House
Mungo Family House
James Island, South Carolina
Single Family Residential
Kevin Hoertdoerfer
Intern Design


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