Esther Odeke — Liollio Architecture — Week Three

LOG SUMMARY: 09/13-09/16   |   16 hours


  • worked 4 hours
  • continued working on diagrams for VIERS project
  • worked on floor plans and reviewed deliverables for upcoming project presentation
  • began to insert floor plans into diagrams
  • met with the VIERS team to discuss progress and look ahead
  • AXP hours: 4


  • worked 4 hours
  • began working on finishing diagrams for current project – preparing for project presentation next Wednesday
  • had a lesson on masonry and CMU blocks
  • continued working on floor plans
  • AXP hours: 4


  • worked 4 hours
  • continued working on diagrams
  • met with team to discuss progress and get feedback on project
  • AXP hours: 4


  • worked 4 hours
  • started two new accessibility diagrams for project, and continued to improve previous ones
  • AXP hours: 4


I had a great opportunity this week to meet with one of the principals at Liollio, Tommy Schmipf, and learn from him about his work at the firm. He was able to teach me a lot of specifics about masonry and CMU blocks, and how they are used in construction. Taking a closer look at how materials are used and how things are put together in the construction of a building has given me a greater appreciation of the details in architecture, and how so many small things are all working together. I’ve also been able to continue my work on the VIERS project. With an upcoming presentation next Wednesday, this week has been all about preparing and improving the diagrams made, as well as putting together all the deliverables into one slideshow. Spending time on these diagrams has allowed me to learn more about the strategies of conveying information, and how to do that as clearly and succinctly as possible.

Below are some examples of the work I continued on this week.



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