Sarah Miley | Moseley Architects | 09.01.2021-09.10.2021

09.01.2021 – 09.03.2021

Hours: 8    AXP: 8 Hours


Overall, the week was working on renderings for the 88 Wentworth ramp. I was able to work with my boss (Ben Whitener) and co-worker on discussing materiality and having a critical eye for professional drawings.


09.06.2021 – 09.10.2021

Hours: 13    AXP: 13 Hours


This week involved me working on the 88 Wentworth Street ramp renderings and coloring the Schumaker floor plans. This week two people transferred into the office. Since the merge in January, there have been three individuals that have come from the other office locations into the Charleston office. I look forward to opening discussions with more people, having people familiar with Moseley standards, and learning new sectors such as K-12.

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