Ian Kordonis | Kevin Hoertdoefer Architects | Prompt One

Prompt One:

Author Dana Cuff defines Praxis in her text, Architecture: The Story of Practice: “architecture [is] a practice or collection of practices, an art.” Ask your mentor to expand on one of the following aspects of architectural practice as it relates to their praxis: 

•business, marketing choices 



•client/contractor relationships 


“For your response: list the aspect discussed, then list three ethical questions or circumstances that are integral in that aspect of practice.



After speaking with Kevin, my mentor, about Client and contractor relationships, the main takeaway I got was that not only do we have to be psychologists and learn how to read our clients and the people we work with, we have to also be able to sell ourselves and our ideas in a convincing and not demeaning way.

We talked for a bit about how to even develop that client and contractor base for a possible business. Selling yourself is step one, but networking in unique ways is another. I should be willing to talk to whoever and whenever about my craft, my vision, and my goals as an architect. Some interesting ways to get involved in developing that base are through competitions, city/government contracts, and non-profit opportunities.

Once a client base is determined, learning how to navigate the personal habits and emotions of clients is essential. Finding ways to serve their design needs can be harder than most think, so good communication leads to less work in the long run. Good ways to chisel away the blank canvas of design for a client could be showing precedents for design directions of projects. Becoming a couch psychologist will be a part of my process.



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