Michaela Chrisman – Red Iron Architects // 09.06.2021-09.10.2021

Time worked: 13.5

AXP Hours Earned: 13.5

Tasks Performed:

  1. Worked on construction details of rated wall assemblies, exterior envelope connections between metal panels and brick facades, exterior column and beam connections, etc.
  2. Schematic Design presentation to client for office renovation
  3. Select new floor finishes, paint colors, and carpet samples for client
  4. Create design alternatives for conference room design
  5. Mentor meeting to discuss Prompt 1 and also interview techniques, interests within architecture, women in architecture, and long term goals. 



The meeting I had with my clients gave insight into the architect-client relationship. HLA Inc. (Amy, Amy, Kaye) is a very easy client to work with and they make decisions easily and know exactly what they want, without being a high demand client. We presented our design for their office renovation and they had minor finish changes they wanted to see, other than that, the meeting went well. Understanding how much hand holding a client may need during the design process is important. Clients don’t always understand the process or don’t know what they want, but by watching my boss interact with clients, I have learned that it’s best to just keep good communication and explain your thought process to them at each step. 



Records of work:

project title : HLA Facelift

project location: 29A Leinbach Dr, Charleston, SC 29407

project scope: Renovation of Lobby, Conference, Offices, and Exterior

project manager : Michaela Chrisman

role of the student : PM


project title :Hursey Montessori School

project location: 3795 Spruill Ave, North Chalreston, SC 29405

project scope : New 3 story K-12 school building

project manager: Danielle DeLorme

role of the student : Assist in DD and CD set details

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