Michaela Chrisman – Red Iron Architects // 08.30.2021-09.03.2021

Time worked: 17.5

AXP Hours Earned: 17.5

Tasks Performed:

  1. Detailed interior columns, rated wall connections, exterior envelope conditions 
  2. Schematic Design meeting to review design concept and finishes within house
  3. Adjust Schematic Design set and prepared set to review with client



This week was an insightful experience into the world of Project Management and how Schematic Concept design differs from DD and CD construction sets. I was able to work on both this week which allowed me to see the beginning phase and end results of projects. The lesson learned this week for me would be how to visually represent concepts and ideas in the form of mood boards, precedent images, and material samples. These things allowed me to convey the mood and style I was going for to my client. 



Records of Work:

project title : HLA Facelift

project location: 29A Leinbach Dr, Charleston, SC 29407

project scope: Renovation of Lobby, Conference, Offices, and Exterior

project manager : Michaela Chrisman

role of the student : PM


project title :Hursey Montessori School

project location: 3795 Spruill Ave, North Chalreston, SC 29405

project scope : New 3 story K-12 school building

project manager: Danielle DeLorme

role of the student : Assist in DD and CD set details



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