Emma Gibson – Week 1

AXP Hours: 16 

This week I worked exclusively on elevations for a residential house renovation project on Sullivan’s Island. I started the drawings earlier this summer and have the unique opportunity of working on the project from start to finish. I completed the as-built and demo drawings a few weeks ago. The house was built in the 1980s after hurricane Hugo and is made up of many architectural elements that do not fit into the fabric of Sullivan’s Island. The renovation will hopefully bring a more elegant look to the building while also adhering to the rich historical traditions of the island. My mentor, Alicia, is currently reviewing my drawings so we can begin the process of getting approval by the town and the client. 

This week I learned a lot about the challenges of making structural changes to an existing building. We are removing several columns on the porch and replacing them with a few larger columns to reduce clutter and open up views to the lighthouse. There are a number of challenges working from an existing building that I did not anticipate. Until this experience, I had only worked on new buildings. Working with new constraints will be valuable for future projects.

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