Red Iron Week 11: 4/26-5/01

Final week of my last year as an undergraduate! This week I’ve been working on more as-builts. I placed an existing building in Revit to get ready for a new addition that we will be adding later this year. After I completed this, I began working on a school project that is in the schematic design phase.  Since it is a Montessori school, we have to be very accurate on the SF and placement of each room. I have been checking our square footage and comparing the actual to the proposed. I also began drawing security plans which will be finished at the beginning of next week.

I have learned so much working online throughout out this semester. Communication has been key. This has also showed me my strengths and weaknesses in time management. I am incredibly thankful for the group of people I am working with and this opportunity. I’ve learned new programs such as BIM 360 and new ways of communication and collaboration.  It has taught me that the architecture world is ever changing and adaptivity is a must.

AXP: 15hrs

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