Breland Land | Haute Design | 4.5.21-4.8.21

Hours: 15.5

Monday: Completed the wall renderings for Cumbaa and Stafford. These were then sent to the clients for approval.

Tuesday: I caught up on organizing some used fabrics into the fabric library and reorganized the trim samples. We had a major mishap where my computer deleted thousands of files in the DropBox. We do not know how it happened but I signed out of the DropBox on my laptop and reorganized the files that I had so I had a clean slate. I felt terrible that my computer deleted them. Luckily, the files were still in the cloud and they were saved. I worked on the Stafford shelf wall elevation again and ran and picked up some LVT samples for the flooring of an elevator.

Wednesday: I ran an errand to grab some tile for a client meeting, I worked around the Stafford shelves again, I had to fix the sizing of the drawers so that the contractor can have them built correctly. I then selected hardware for Greenspan cabinets and kitchen drawers.

Thursday: I worked later Thursday because we went to Kiawah to measure the walls of a new clients house. I created the design board for Stanford’s hardware and lighting for the next meeting, ordered replacement fabric samples.

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