Sarah Miley | Moseley Architects | 03.08 – 03.11

This week has been one of the most unique weeks since beginning my AXP experiences within a work environment. I worked on the drawings as typical, but I also felt the true shift of what the merge has been to become part of Moseley Architects. New equipment was brought into the office, workspaces have been mildly adjusted, and the exterior decal signs have been updated to saying Moseley Architects. I have been able to have conversations with my co-workers and Ben about what it is like for them as they have been there for an extended period of time. In preparation for not being at work next week due to spring break, I stayed to complete the Darlington Fire Station drawings with the updated plans. This was done with trace and on Revit, and required conversations with my co-workers of what was expected. After this week, I aim to have a higher rate of production for my drawings. In addition, Ben reminded me to be proud of the work that I am producing, a reminder to take confidence in my intent for personal and work design decisions.

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