Maggie Gaston | Synchronicity Land + Architecture | 03.08.21 – 03.12.21

This week at Synchronicity I worked on a few different projects. The first task I was given was to manage the images that are used in the portfolio on the website. There are a few select projects that are featured and the issue was that the images used were either too small or too large. My job was to go through all of the past projects, locate the native files, open them in photoshop and change the image size to one cohesive size. I still have not finished this task because I have to do some serious digging to find the original images. Since it has taken me so long to complete this task, I have been treating it as my time filler when I have a little free time between larger tasks. I also worked on a few landscape and parking lot designs for some commercial businesses. This was a fun task because I was told to be creative and play around with the design. I finished off the week working on creating a PUD for an upcoming project. I have learned and picked up on quite a few things this week and learn something new in AutoCAD everyday. One thing I have noticed is that I am able to apply a lot of what I do at my internship to my work I do in studio!

Total Hours: 100

Weekly Hours: 20



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