Olivia Wideman @ LS3P | 3.8 -3.11

Hours: 16

AXP: 112

This week at LS3P I started on a sign design for Sharing Hope’s new building and I worked on Robert Smalls!

I started Monday by photoshopping options for Sharing Hope’s building which is currently in construction. I made 2 iterations of a horizontal option and 2 of a vertical option. On Tuesday, I worked on fixing them based on the critiques I was given. I really enjoyed being able to use photoshop this week!

From Tuesday to Thursday I worked on RSIA. Because of the budget cuts they had to do, they ended up making some of the rooms in the building smaller, and even took some out. After they cut those rooms from the design, the floors and patterns got messed up, so I worked on cleaning those up on Tuesday. On Wednesday we realized that the size of the tiles the school wants to use is larger than they thought, so I went in and changed the sizes. The school district wanted tiles from Europe, which come in sizes of 13.1 inches instead of the standard (us) 12 inches. It is very tedious but I am having fun working on it and I am learning how to best layout tile so none is wasted or laid out inefficiently.

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