Ryan Murrey | SMHa | 2.22.21-2.25.21

This past week I worked another 14 hours.  I started the week off continuing to work on the cabana project.  I finished up the last few details on the Revit model and began to put together drawing sheets.  After reading through the SMHa guide for how to format, dimension, and layout drawings, I started to craft pages that displayed plans, elevations, and sections.  

I also spent some time this week getting familiar with shop drawings from subcontractors.  For a project at Coastal Carolina University, SMHa had designed a certain type of gate for the entrance to the football stadium.  I was asked to look at the drawings from a subcontractor and make sure that the dimensions and style matched the drawings done for the gates. I also got to listen to Billy’s zoom conversation with a structural engineer for a current project where they discussed different solutions for how to support the proposed building. 

Furthermore, I spend some time every day familiarizing myself with construction documents of old projects that I see laying around the office. Any time I am wondering what a certain element is in a section or plan detail, I ask Billy who always gives me a response and elaborates more on the thought.  


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