Tamaki Inahata |Design Works |Feb. 22 – Feb. 26

Weekly hours: 20 | Total Hours: 56


This week, I worked on several tasks. First of all, I kept making the project map which identifies the project locations. Secondly, I learned the planting design through the landscape renovation project at some resort areas. They told me the plant list, which indicated the native and harmonized vegetation for the site. As following the list, I tried drawing the planting design with some sketches. I learned that planting design needs to think about the circulation and the relation with the activities. For instance, if we want to plant some vegetation near the spot where their hand can reach easily, we should not choose the hard/sharp plants. The project let me connect the professional work with my study of plants at Clemson. Thirdly, I joined a new culture center project. I visited the site and participated in the meeting. My boss explained the site survey impression, the precedent images, and the schematic design. The presentation was so beautiful and informative for me to learn the communication skills, which made the client and the team (architect/engineer) excited to work together. I’m grateful to absorb the wonderful landscape architect’s work.

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