Mia Walker at Mcmillan Pazdan Smith 2/22- 2/25

Hours worked: 18hrs

This past week at MPS I helped out in the the senior living studio. They are working on a memory care center in Summerville. Throughout this week, I helped them by producing various exterior renderings. The mainly focal point of this project is the courtyard. The goal behind this project was to help make its residence feel as comfortable as possible and give them an escape. To aid the residents in orienting themselves around the center easier the team working on this project has designed it so that it is composed of several different sectors that are distinguished by color. In the future they plan on having me help create an animation for their client. In addition, to this project I continued to assist the K-12 department with the Beaufort middle renovation project by going over the model and tagging rooms as well have fixing wall properties in Revit.

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