Maggie Gaston | Synchronicity Land + Architecture Feb. 22 – Feb. 26

This week at Synchronicity was probably the busiest I have had so far! I started by finished up the site plans that I had worked on last week for Mungo Homes. I annotated the floor plans, positioned HVAC systems and tankless water heaters, calculated the square footage of the units and finally created the DBR sets to be reviewed. We red-lined these plans a couple times and then sent them off for approval. This was really cool because I had never created a site plan for a subdivision so I learned a lot on this project! After the Mungo Homes site plans were complete, I began working on another project called Angel Oak. This assignment consisted of creating a site map in photoshop. Elements within the base map included the public ROW, marshland within the property line, a vegetated buffer, a community dock, and lot lines to determine home placement. The next step will be to update the plan with sidewalks and housing units. Finally, I ended the week discussing native plants and planting plans from previous projects. Jamie, the landscape architect in the firm, showed me plant schedules and a list of native plants that are commonly used in project. She also gave me a pricing list for native plants so I could use them to figure out budgeting in my studio project. Overall, this week was very good and I feel like I have learned a lot!

Hours worked this week: 20

Total hours: 60

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