Sarah Miley | Moseley Architects | 02.15.2021 – 02.19.2021

After completing this week, I have been able to have a variety of work with the visual appeal of a building to the client. The Waste Water Treatment Plant has been a fast-paced project that I have been assisting with the Lumion renderings and have helped with Revit materials and build-ups. The Pineville renderings have been a task that I have worked on since the start of my internship. These renderings have also been done in Lumion and I have learned how to successfully link SketchUp, Revit and Lumion. In addition, this project has called to attention the design elements needed for a successful recreation/basketball court. The Coulter Long project is a project that I have just been introduced to. It is a preservation based project and I am involved by taking the project into Lumion to prepare it for renderings. The Fire Station project is also new to me. Following from last week’s work of coloring a church at a cut away view, I am repeating the process here. I created the Design Options in Revit and have begun to help make architectural adjustments based on the feedback from my co-workers. After this week, I have been able to learn simple tools for establishing a visually appealing rendering. I have recognized the importance of time management and communication with my co-workers.

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