Breland Land | Haute Design | 2.15.21-2.18.21



This week, I organized the paint schedule swatches, fabric swatches, and furniture images for a client meeting at the office. Doing this helped me understand the importance of organization and presentation during meetings with clients. The office needs to have the swatches presented in a way that’s easy to move around and hold up to different design boards in order to communicate the design idea to the client.

I also took lots of fabric to the upholsters and learned how to label the spools of fabric indicating the different types of pillows and how many the office wanted made from each fabric. I also saw how important it is to have a close relationship with other businesses that you often work with. We were able to just text the upholster’s office and drop off the fabric.

I called different showrooms for fabric and rug pricing and learned the difference between retail and wholesale and how pricing comes into play when selling products to a client. I learned how to communicate with the showrooms and have become very familiar with the many product lines the office purchases from.

I organized the past client files and storage boxes. I reorganized the closets and now the office storage is much easier to navigate. It’s so important to be able to find older references from pasts projects when you need them and not have to dig through unorganized files. I also became familiar with the designstudio database which is where the office logs all of the project information. I organized the past fabric swatches into their correct places in the fabric library. It’s good to be able to reuse past swatches and not have to repurchase lost swatches.

Beverly also just got the CUTEST new puppy, Louie, and he is so fun to have around the office.





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