Olivia Wideman @ LS3P| 2.8-2.11

Date: 2.08.2021- 2.11.2021

Hours Worked: 16

AXP Hours: 16


Last week at LS3p I worked on a few different tasks. I started off my week by finishing a material binder for one of the interior designers. The previous week we put together 3 binders and over the weekend they ordered one more. She wasn’t in town, so she had me finish the binder to send to the contractor for the Marine Corps Design-Build Firestation Repair in North Carolina. For the rest of the week, I made a Revit model of the existing cafeteria at Bosch for the Cafeteria Renovations that LS3p is beginning to work on. Prior to this, I only read a pdf document tutorial on how to use Revit, so it was helpful to actually put the tools to use and learn by doing. I learned how to do curtain walls, casework, ceilings, and create model in-place components.

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