Lauren Calvin + Synchronicity | 02.08.21-02.11.21

Weekly hours: 15.75 | Total Hours: 54.25

Monday 02.08.21

  • Maggie finally came in! After a 3 week delay, she was finally able to come in, and I had someone like me at the office. I got to explain the office standards that I had learned in the past couple weeks to her.
  • I also worked on the Stribling Residence and participated in my second weekly meeting with the group.

Tuesday 02.09.21

  • I had lots to do today and performed a variety of tasks. Tuesdays and Thursday’s are my longest days.
  • Sat in on a client meeting.
  • Made changes to a SketchUp model for DR Horton
  • Made changes to the layout in SketchUp for DR Horton
  • Made changes to Stribling residence
  • Looked at proposals for Stribling, 56 Morris St., and French Quarter Creek
  • Printed, Red Line, Turn In new Stribling documents

Wednesday 02.10.21

  • I had less work but a productive day.
  • Fix new red lines for Stribling residence
  • Emailed Todd & Luke
  • Updated Lennar-Midtown files

Thursday 02.11.21

  • This was my other longest day and the longest day I had this week.
  • Printed DR Horton and red lined it before turning it in.
  • Made changes and uploaded Lennar- Midtown
  • Fixed Red Lines for the new kiosk for Lennar- Stonoview
  • Reviewed my work for the kiosk and red lined it before turning it in.
  • Setup the documents for several pages for the kiosk
  • Made additional red line changes to Lennar- Stonoview


I enjoyed working on the lighting, gas, and power for the Stribling residence the most. It was nice to actually design something that would actually be used instead of something conceptual. I’m learning so much from red lining such as shortcuts on AutoCAD, SketchUp, and SketchUp layout. The team is super helpful and encourages me to ask questions which helps me learn the most that I can. I am also learning the more professional side of things as they encourage me to sit in client meetings and look at the proposals they give to clients. This is something that I haven’t had the opportunity to do. I look forward to learning more from them in the weeks to come.

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