RJ Gross | SGA Narmour Wright Design | 02/01-02/04

Hours: 16    AXP: 12 Hours

Monday-Thursday Summary:

This week at SGA| NW Design I worked on a few projects; Charleston County School District (CCSD) Warehouse, Gibbs Shoals Apartments in Greer, SC, and Stiles Point Elementary Portables (CCSD, Charleston, SC). For the CCSD Warehouse, I made revisions in Revit based on the clients response. For Gibbs Shoals Apartments in Greer, I did redlines (corrections) that my mentor marked up on the plans and elevations. We also had another meeting with the contractors and engineers on the project to confirm egress and firewall changes in the buildings. Finally for Stiles Point Elementary Portable project, I made adjustments and corrected redlines in AutoCAD. Also Monday I had a Revit education hour, answering questions and learning new commands.

This week was very insightful  and the hour of Revit education was very helpful in improving my workflow. I also enjoyed sitting in on the meeting and was able to see how architects work with others on a project.

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