Dan Kelly at Mcmillan Pazdan Smith 10/19 – 11-20

For basically a month, I contributed to the Kiawah Hotel Campus. I helped develop mechanical wells for the 10 different buildings, create a system of railings, and coordinate between interior’s and architecture’s models. Then I started to piece together the life safety and area plans for each individual building, as well as the overall room type map for the campus. I completed 65 hours in the Project Planning and design category, 6 hours in project management, and 41.5 hours in programing analysis. I really enjoyed diving in to the details of life safety, especially at such a large scale. The repetitiveness I had to use when producing the life safety really cemented the process in my head for future work. The semester of work with MPS was an absolute success and I look forward to seeing their work pop up all over the southeast in the years to come.

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