WEEK 10: 11/9-11/13

Monday (11/9): turned in final drawing set for the residential project (PP&D: 3.5)

Tuesday (11/10): Began modeling a facilities shop and site in Revit (PP&D: 3.5)

Wednesday (11/11): Continued working on the facilities project and coordinated with partnering firm (PP&D: 2.0) (PM: 1.5)

Thursday(11/12): Continued working on the facilities project and made a site visit with partnering firm and owners (PD&D: 6)

Friday(11/13): Altered design of facilities based on adjustments made during the site visit (P&A: 3.5)



This week I turned in the final drawings for the house addition that I’ve been solely working on. I feel like this was a great experience to get my hands dirty on a project and complete all of the drawings. It has helped me understand what all goes into a bid set. Once that was completed, I started working on another project that is going to bid. I’ve had to coordinate with other architects at the partnering firm and helped design some of the buildings on the site.


site visit- mosquito lab

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