Brian Heape + Pinnacle Architecture : 11.16.2020-11.19.2020


Pinnacle Architecture
701 East Bay Street, Suite 302
Charleston, South Carolina

Final Week (November 16 – 19)
Weekly Hours: 20
Total Hours: 312

Tasks Preformed:
Prepare for Revit Professional Certification Exam

Begin preparing for upcoming project kickoffs

Complete Revit Professional Certification Exam

Weekly Reflection:
This week I worked on preparing and studying for my upcoming Revit Professional Exam. I have talked about taking this exam since 2014 when I first realized I enjoyed modeling in Revit. Along with studying this week, I began to get design projects ready to kickoff in the coming months. Thursday, I finally sat down and took the Revit Professional Certification; which was my goal in this internship. I completed my overarching goal this morning by passing the exam with an 865/1000.  During the days in the office I was numerous tips and tricks within Revit to improve my workflow and to prepare myself for the Autodesk Professional Certification I hope to achieve in the coming days. While I learned a lot of new tricks within Revit, it would be too much to record them all within this reflection. This week I learned a lot about revit many things I knew already, but the best feature I learned about this week while preparing was how to manage and organize the project browser to fit your design workflow.

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