Amanda Metze Week 11.02.2020-11.06.2020

Monday – November 2, 2020

Day off for fall break.

Tuesday – November 3, 2020

Hours worked: 9

  • Redlining construction documents for Hampton Preston Greenhouse
  • 1220 Dutch Fork model edits

AXP Category: 6 hrs red-lining: Construction & Evaluation. 3 hrs 1220 Dutch Fork model: Project Planning and Design

Wednesday – November 4, 2020

Hours worked: 4

  • 1410 Blanding floor plan iterations

AXP Category: Programming and Analysis

Thursday – November 5, 2020

Hours worked: 4

  • 1220 Dutch Fork model edits

AXP Category: Project Planning and Design

Friday – November 6, 2020

Day off/class all day.

Hours for week: 17

Total hours: 133.5



This week I was focused on precision and measurements. In this stage of the design process for our project on Dutch Fork Rd it is imperative that all dimensions are accurate, everything is phased correctly in the Revit model, and the new model matches up perfectly with the existing. This process has taught me a lot about Revit and the practice of architecture. Being able to start the model allowed me to see exactly how a project should be set up and what is and isn’t important to carry through the design process. Since this is my first time building a project model from the ground up, there have been some bumps in the road, but I have learned so much as I continue to polish things up. I am very grateful that my mentor has let me take on this challenge and has helped me so much along the way as I navigate the ins and outs of Revit and the modeling process.

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