Shane Lenard Week 11.9.20 – 11.13.20

~Novus Architects~

Monday (11.9.20)

Today we had our Monday morning meeting at 8:30am with the Charleston office and then companywide meeting at 9am. After this I began to continue working on CSL Des Moines. It is not my favorite plan, but I was able to clean it up and send it to Patricia and Debbie for one last check.

Tuesday (11.10.20)

Today I spent time working on the title sheet, casework elevations and plans for CSL Stockton.

Wednesday (11.11.20)

On Wednesday I worked on Stockton CDs the plan and casework elevations. Later that afternoon I sat in on a call for CSL Des Moines and happily it got approved!

Thursday (11.12.20)

Today I worked on Richmond, VA CA response from the AHJ. The AHJ had questions regarding the ADA height on our casework at sinks in phlebotomy and a question about a lock on the hand dryer. I reached out to our consultants DWG who do the MEP to answer this.

Friday (11.13.20)

Today we had a firm wide retreat where we had to make a movie trailer for each team. The CSL team made an action trailer. We then had to watch everyone else’s on teams which was great fun. After that Tommy and Josh spoke for a while and we wrapped up around noon. 

Concluding thoughts:

This was a very busy week but getting CSL Des Moines approved by Jim and Michelle was the highlight. 

AXP Hours:

Practice Management: 4

Project Planning/ Design: 9

Construction / Evaluation: 6

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