Rachel Baca + Datum Workshop: 10.26.20 – 10.30.20

Daily Logs

Monday 10.26.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Began measuring and documenting a computer monitor and accessories for a client. Client has requested a designed system for mounting and working on computer that is in a small compact space.

Wednesday 10.28.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Digitally modeled computer and components that were measured yesterday.

Thursday 10.29.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Digitally mocked up design for mount and system. Will now be moving into physical mockups of the pieces.

Total Hours: 12

AXP Category/Hours: Project Development & Documentation – 6 hours

Weekly Summary

This week I had started to help in the design for a custom piece to fit a specific kit of parts. Attention to detail and exact measurements was important for construction of this system. I got my initial measurements and quickly had to go back and take multiple more measurements while modeling the pieces digitally because I had realized I had not taken enough the first time to accurately represent the parts. Since the design is fit to this certain monitor and accessories, I understood the level of attention and specificity had to be high to achieve correct results. I am looking forward to physically mocking this system to see how the digital transforms into the actual.

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