Shane Lenard Week 10.26.20 – 10.29.20

~Novus Architects~

Monday (10.26.20)

Today we began with the typical Monday morning meeting with the Charleston office which lasted an hour. Grant and I met, and we discussed vet clinic. After I started to set up the separate core – shell and interior views I put them on the corresponding sheets. I then started to dimension the exterior core – shell plan and edited the interior dimensions.

Tuesday (10.27.20)

On this day I set up some of the code sheets and copied them from another project South of Broad. I also set up sheets with buildings sections with view templates and the roof plan of vet clinic. I also set up the UL sheets with the UL values that will correspond to the walls. I also worked on the seismic details putting them on the sheets. The vet clinic is in Bluffton, SC.

Wednesday (10.28.20)

Today I worked on setting up a few more sheets Then I began the title sheet. The title sheet has many aspects that need to be coordinated. Some of these items include what to tell the contractors the difference between the phasing we have. That was somewhat difficult because I had never done that before. It requires writing direct without filler words.

Thursday (10.29.20)

Today I began to tag all of the doors, storefront, and walls. This takes a quite a long time and requires much coordination of all the elements to produce these drawings.

Concluding thoughts:

This week was actually very good. I was probably one of the most productive I have been in a while and I attribute this to Grant and I having the best communication we have had in a while. I know it can be hard to check in multiple times a day, but it is necessary when we are separated.

AXP Hours:

Practice Management: 2

Project Planning/ Design: 14

New River Title Sheet, Seismic Details, and UL Assemblies.


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