Autumn Hinson + JMO Woodworks, Week 10.19 – 10.23

Daily Log

Tuesday (10/20):

  • Sanded and prepped components for door assembly
  • Glued together medicine cabinet doors for vanity

AXP Hours : 4 – Project Development & Documentation


Wednesday (10/21):

  • Drilled pocket screw holes on toe kick for vanity
  • Filled in holes and defects on toe kick legs
  • Milled and sanded components for shelves inside vanity cabinets
  • Glued together shelf and nosing components
  • Sanded toe kicks and prepped for paint

AXP Hours : 4 – Project Planning & Design


Thursday (10/22):

  • Delivered some vanities to site on Kiawah Island
  • Assembled individual cabinet boxes together on site to create 1 large vanity
  • Trimmed casework to fit in the room
  • Leveled and screwed off vanity to wall to complete installation for 1 vanity

AXP Hours : 6 – Project Development & Documentation


Friday (10/23):

  • Trimmed and sanded shelves and prepped for paint
  • Sanded medicine cabinet doors that had been glued together

AXP Hours : 4 – Project Planning and Design



This week I was able to go out to a job site on Kiawah Island. This is a residential project and we are doing all the casework for the entire house. I got to tour the house before we started our install and I got to see the wine room I helped put together. The days leading up to Thursday, everything I was working on was going towards our installation. We deliver the vanity as smaller components and once they are in the correct room, we assemble the boxes together to create 1 large vanity base cabinet. Me and my coworker John went out there and he showed me the ropes of how to level the box and fasten it off to the wall. We were able to finish the install on one assembly but left 2 vanities for next week. The jobsite is always busy so the work is never ending.

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