Rachel Baca + Datum Workshop: 10.12.20 – 10.16.20

Daily Logs

Tuesday 10.13.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Worked on floor plans for ADU project

Wednesday 10.14.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Began to make 3D Models of each ADU prototype.

Thursday 10.15.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Continued to work on 3D modeling ADU prototypes. Prepared and cut a file on CNC Router for acoustical panel project.

Friday 10.16.20

Hours Worked: 4

Continued to work on 3D modeling ADU prototypes.

Total Hours: 16

AXP Category/Hours: Project Development & Documentation – 10 hours

Weekly Summary

This week there was a heavy emphasis on digital work and modeling. Although the work I was helping with this week does not have an actual client, there is hope that this project will be used in the future for many clients. Now that I am working on the digital models for the accessory dwelling unit prototypes, I am trying to think about the construction process. This is how a lot of design decisions are now being made, for ease of construction and best methods for installation. The WikiHouse System is also determining parameters such as width and length dimensions, and window placement. I am looking forward to the completion of the digital process in hopes of physically testing and modeling the project in weeks to come.

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