Shane Lenard Week 10.12.20 – 10.15.20

~Novus Architects~

Monday (10.12.20)

Today we began with the typical Monday morning meeting with the Charleston office which lasts a half hour. Then we had our entire firm meeting. Following these meeting I got with Grant to discuss the New River Vet Clinic. After that I named and numbered rooms in the floor plan for Grant. We then discussed and I left.

Tuesday (10.13.20)

Today I updated some of the rooms and names because Grant moved some walls around in design. I then added some double swing doors into the plan for the ORs. I also added casework with sinks into the exam rooms in the front of the vet clinic. It was necessary to make the casework a family component in Revit because if one changes the other can change.

Wednesday (10.14.20)

On this day I continued with the Vet Clinic. I worked on the RCP putting in the 2×2 ceiling. I also centered the grids. We are to have 10′ ceilings in all places except the lobby. We also put soffits (8″) where hallways are to be intersecting. We are doing the 2 x 4 troffer light in all areas that are not so public or need to be that nice. So in the hallways we will have nicer lights recessed near the ceiling on the walls.

Thursday (10.15.20)

Today I finished putting in the lights in the rooms. I then got with Grant to discuss the work. It seemed like maybe I went a little far with too many lights as he said it was over lit. But otherwise it went well in many spaces.

Concluding thoughts:

This was a tough week. I think Grant and I had a bit of a communication breakdown with some of the things I needed to get done and I had tunnel vision and preconceived notions about what exactly the RCP here for the vet clinic was supposed to look like. I think we will need to have more check ins through teams to make sure I am completing the work correctly as to not waste time.

AXP Hours:

Practice Management: 2

Project Planning/ Design: 14

New River Vet Clinic RCP.

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