Aaron Autry + JMO Woodworks: Week of 9/28 – 10/2

Daily Logs

Monday 9.28.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Built backing pieces to attach MDF panels to door for the organ casework.
  • Attached panels to door and finished door.

Tuesday 9.29.20

Hours Worked: 5

  • Cut and milled custom window sills for a house out of sapele wood.
  • Finish sanded wooden frames for a sign company to sand blast.

Wednesday 9.30.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Glued up mahogany picture frames for local artist.
  • General shop maintenance.

Thursday 10.1.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Finish sanded picture frames that were glued up from the day before.
  • Sanded and built stretchers for same local artist.



This week at the shop was mostly spent doing little jobs here and there as well as doing some finishing touches for the organ casework.  Alongside doing all the smaller jobs, the shop was in serious need of cleaning up and organization due to the amount of work that was needed to be done during the construction of the organ casework in a short amount of time.  But as far as the small jobs being done, there were wooden signs, window sills, picture frames and canvas stretchers that all needed to be built and finished for different clients.

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