Shane Lenard Week 9.21.20 – 9.24.20

~Novus Architects~

Monday (9.21.20)

Today we had our usual Monday morning meetings with the Charleston office and then the entire office meeting. Today I went back through our drawings from the MDF/IDF project from last week and printed a set for red lining. I then redlined the drawings myself and noticed some errors in the annotations. I then met with Grant over teams and we discussed the errors and then I fixed them.

Tuesday (9.22.20)

Today I transitioned teams. For the next week and a half I will be helping out the CSL Plasma team with a design for new project in Stockton, CA. While I have done this sort of schematic design many times over, the program is difficult enough that it can be quite challenging. Today I looked through the photos and verified dimensions from our site sketches.

Wednesday (9.23.20)

On this day I continued to help Patricia with the SD plan for Stockton. We had a front end meeting where the team got to discuss the existing site conditions. The biggest issue was that we need a 50ft truck to pass through and load the plasma. There were some tight corners and turns the truck would make. We have to consider the logistics of this and where to best place the loading area within the building. The building tenant space is a stand alone building which is nice to have many loading options.

Thursday (9.24.20)

Today I continued to help with the SD plan almost finishing one scheme. I drew out another SD plan on trace paper and Jkins from the Charlotte office will create that plan. The two plans show different bed layouts with a total of 48 beds. The square footage is over 13,000 sf and we are ending up with a lot of extra space that will probably be shell or extra storage space.

Concluding thoughts:

I think this week I learned that I find it more difficult to design a larger space where there are too many options vs. a smaller space where things must be designed in a more efficient way for it all to work. I enjoy finding solutions to smaller spaces more than larger ones generally.

Verifying the site sketch.

AXP Hours:

Practice Management: 1.5

Project Planning/ Design: 14.5


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