Claire McManus + Herlong Architects : Week 4 9.21 – 9.25

Week 4 : 16 hours

9/21  – 9/25


3213 Middle Street Project – Sullivan’s Island


Monday : 4 hours

I spent time today researching and looking through a few extension programs for SketchUp.  I have always just used different styles of the drawing exported from SketchUp, (casted shadows, rough edge lines, color, etc.) layering and editing them in photoshop to create renders.  I have v-ray on my computer for SketchUp, but have never really put it to use. Steve and I were talking about a rendering of a particular sunset view, and I became curious if I could get better results with v-ray.  I am busy working on a few projects right now as well, but this is something I’ll definitely continue to look towards.


Tuesday : 4 hours

Today, I had a zoom meeting with Steve.  We talked about the render I completed for 3213 Middle Street and found a few changes he wanted to make to the plans.  It is amazing how different a house can look in 2D verses when you see it in a 3D program like SketchUp.  We also discussed how to get an accurate location of a sunset for an oceanfront house during the month of December.  I was able to figure that out (I will discuss in the lessons learned section) and get him that site/sunset analysis.


Wedensday : 4 hours

Today I pushed forward with changes to the SketchUp model for 3213 Middle.  I was able to change the roof to a hip-roof, scale a few items down, and work on some interior walls that needed adjusting and moved.


Thursday: 4 hours

I continued working on more changes to the 3213 Middle model.  There were a few windows on the rear elevation that needed adjusting before making a rendering of that side, as well as a few more adjustments to some roof lines and the front porch.  I should wrap these up over the weekend or Monday morning, and have a few new renderings to go in the DRB packet next week.



Weekly AXP Hours: 14 hours / Project Development & Documentation

2 hours / Programming & Analysis


Weekly Lessons Learned: This week, I learned something awesome. I was challenged with locating the sunset for a specific oceanfront site during the winter (December – winter solstice).  They clients want to angle their house where they can maximize this view.  I’ve never done anything like that before, but I was determined to figure out how.  I went to the Google Earth Pro app and found the coordinated relating to that specific site/address.  I was able to determine the altitude, etc.  as well.  I then found a sun path website where I was able to enter the information found, along with a specific date and time of day.  It then gave me a map (image below) with the sun path for the day.  I could then zoom in on the site and get correct angles that line up with the sun path.  This was so cool to accomplish, as I never have even thought that it was possible.

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