Brian Heape + Pinnacle Architecture : 09.21.2020-09.24.2020

Pinnacle Architecture
701 East Bay Street, Suite 302
Charleston, South Carolina

Week 3 (September 21 – 24)
Weekly Hours: 23
Total Hours: 134

Tasks Preformed:
Finalize last weeks tasks
Begin creating elevation views
Create elevation view templates
Photograph upcoming project locations
Helped create renderings for upcoming project

Records of Work:
Project Title: Prototype Elementary School
Project Location: N/A
Project Scope: Convert existing prototype elementary school from AutoCAD into Revit.
Project Manager: Greg Conary & Cameron Baker
Role of Student: Model the exterior and details of the elementary school

Weekly Reflection:
This week I continued to work on the Elementary School Project. This is a school plan that is altered for many schools across the country. The firm has the school modeled in AutoCAD; however, with the changing times they wish to render aspects of the building for the school. Therefore, the project must be converted to Revit. I was tasked with creating the elevation views around the entire project. Along with creating the views, I had to create templates so the various elevations would match. Monday, we took a site visit to an upcoming project location to photograph the location. After taking photographs I was tasked with creating a background for the rendering that would be sent to the client. By the end of the week, the elevation views were complete and work started on more exterior details. The rendering above is of the entrance of the school that was completed during this week. During the days in the office I was numerous tips and tricks within Revit to improve my workflow and to prepare myself for the Autodesk Professional Certification I hope to achieve in the coming months. While I learned a lot of new tricks within Revit, it would be too much to record them all within this reflection. However, the one that stands out the most this week was learning how to create view templates. In the past I have always externally recorded what changes were made to a view and then copied those around the project. After learning that templates can be created for views, my workflow has drastically increased in productivity.

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