Autumn Hinson + JMO, Week 9.14 – 9.18

Daily Log

Monday (9/14):

  • Moved end wall and outside tower to paint
  • Stood other end wall and tower up for prep
  • Delivered center tower on site
  • Verified and marked locations for other casework

AXP Hours: Project Management – 4 hours


Tuesday (9/15):

  • Installed Center Tower on site

AXP Hours: Project Management – 4 hours


Wednesday (9/16):

  • Delivered 6 towers to site
  • Shimmed and adjusted center tower

AXP Hours: Project Management – 4 hours


Thursday (9/17):

  • Installed 6 towers on site
  • Shimmed and adjusted according to standard set

AXP Hours: Project Management – 5 hours


Friday (9/18):

  • Prepped end walls for delivery to site
  • Visited site to confirm layout for hand crank placements.

AXP Hours: Project Management – 4 hours



This week was all installation at the chapel. Our deadline for installation is Wednesday, Sept. 23rd but we still have a lot of work to do. The trim and smaller pieces still have to be made in the shop and painted and then fastened to the work. We are working hard to meet this deadline and will spend time finalizing everything before we pass off the torch. I have learned a lot about preparation work for delivery and also managing curious eyes and opinionated voices on site while we are doing our job. It is always a hard job to complete your work when someone is constantly looking over your shoulder or giving their input on things they “think” they know but I believe we have showed great poise in filtering these actions.

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