Aaron Autry + JMO Woodworks 9.7.20 – 9.11.20

Daily Logs

Monday 9.7.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Finish sanded casework for an organ in a chapel
  • Glued up sections of casework


Tuesday 9.8.20

Hours Worked: 6

  • Cleaned up and flattened joints on casework for organ
  • Scuff sanded panels for cabinetry for a house
  • Prepared and dry fitted opposite side of casework for organ
  • Attached and sanded trim for casework
  • Stood up section of casework


Wednesday 9.8.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Cut mortises for joinery for organ casework
  • Prepared and glued up casework for organ
  • Scuff sanded more panels for cabinetry
  • Attached and sanded trim for casework


Thursday 9.9.20

Hours Worked: 5

  • Cleaned up and flattened joints for organ casework
  • Attached and sanded trim for casework
  • Finish sanded casework and prepared for paint

AXP Category/Hours: Project Planning & Development – 19 Hours


This week the shop has been mostly focusing on starting to glue up two end towers for casework for a new organ being installed into the chapel at Bishop Gadsden.  The entire week has been spent sanding and gluing up sections of it in order to get it ready for paint.  The sections are fairly large and require a lot of work in order to get them prepared because any small imperfection gets magnified whenever you paint it.  Installation of the casework is going to start next week so I am looking forward to doing that part of the job.  Although it will be an interesting problem to have to tackle seeing as how these large parts of the casework have to be lifted about 12’ up into the air to the balcony where they will be placed.



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