Cora Butler + Pinnacle Architecture: 09/08-09/10

Weekly Hours: 12 (Labor Day off)

Total Hours: 44.5 hours


Week 1: Intro to Revit (16)

Week 2: Intro to Revit (continued…) (16.5)

      Intro to Enscape

Week 3: Elementary School Prototype (12)

– Ceilings

– Room Schedule

– Bathroom Layouts

I am really lucky that the first two weeks of my internship, Pinnacle has provided training for me to learn how to use Revit. I was given small challenges to figure out as well as plenty of tutorials and opportunities to ask questions. It is crazy how much time it saves from the way I have usually worked in SketchUp and CAD. It has always been on my bucket list of programs to learn and I am super excited to take what I have learned at work use Revit for my studio project this semester.

Back to reality and practicality, once I became proficient enough in Revit I started working on small tasks for a project. Pinnacle is designing a prototype elementary school based off an old design in AutoCAD that they can use as a jumping off point for new iterations and proposals.  I started laying out the ceilings for the school and putting in the light fixtures for the grids. After that I worked on tagging rooms and populating a finish schedule. It probably took me a quarter of the time it would have if I had done it in AutoCAD, especially if changes were made later on. I had to learn how to create and assign new project parameters, including the zone of the building. It is an easier way to divide up and organize the large building by its wings and central spaces. The great thing is these new parameters originally created for the room finish schedule are also used by Brian while working on the door schedule at the same time. I also started working on the bathroom fixture layouts.

I won’t bore you with the schedules and ceiling plan grids, although the smart capabilities of Revit do make it fun (especially if you’re used to doing everything in CAD. I’ve shared the links to my 360 renderings of  my Enscape experiments with learning the software.

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