Herlong Architects – 3/2 – 3/5

This week was a great week at the firm!  Monday, I continued working on elevations for an existing house on Sullivan’s Island.  I also took about thirty minutes to confirm some measurements there.  It’s so nice because the house is only a couple of blocks from the office, so I got to walk over.  I worked a full day on Tuesday.  We went out to two job sites on Daniel Island and got to explore a bit.  At one residence, the foundation was being built, so that was interesting to see.  At the other residence, just two lots over, there were a few contractors doing the finishing touches on the home.  It was absolutely beautiful from the layout to the detailed finishes and the antique pieces (like doors and chandeliers).  It was great to see a house in person that I had looked at through construction drawings previously.  One of the interior designers rode with me, and after took me to a few houses that Herlong has completed over the last fifteen (or so) years.  They are all so very beautiful.  On Wednesday, I continued working on elevations and doing more measurements for the next side of the house.  Thursday, we had our meeting with Ashley which went great!  I got to talk to Ashley about what I have learned this far, and had a great review with my boss, Steve Herlong.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to work here and gain the experience I have.  I love learning a little more each day about my passion of architecture.


AXP Hours:

18 – Project Development & Documentation Hours

2 – Construction & Evaluation Hours

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