Week 7: 2.24-2.25 & Week 8: 3.02-3.05

Week 7 of 2.24.2020 – 2.25.2020

Total AXP Hours: 8
-107 Wentworth Assessment Edits + Redlines (4 hours)
AXP Credit –  4 hours of Programming and Analysis
-107 Wentworth Assessment Qualifications + Finalization (4 hours)
AXP Credit –  4 hours of  Programming and Analysis
Weekly Reflection:
This week I wrapped up the 107 Wentworth Assessment and we sent it out to the Cost Estimator for final numbers of the renovation cost to be submitted to the owner.
Week 8 of 3.02.2020 – 3.05.2020

Total AXP Hours: 18
– Digitally Scanning Slides onto Server (4 hours)
AXP Credit –  4 hours of Practice Management
– Digitally Scanning Slides onto Server (1 hour)
– 107 Wentworth 3 CAD scheme drawings into Revit (3 hours)
AXP Credit –  1 hour of Practice Management
                      3 hours of Project Planning and Design
– Digitally Scanning Slides onto Server  (3 hours)
– 107 Wentworth Site Visit  (1 hour)
AXP Credit –  3 hours of Practice Management
                      1 hour of Construction and Evaluation
– Punch List Site Visit at Church Addition in Boykin SC (6 hours)
AXP Credit –  6 hours of Construction and Evaluation
Weekly Reflection:
This week I went on a site visit to do a punch list which turned out to be very informative for me. We walked around with the contractors, engineers, and consultants and reviewed the existing condition of the new fellowship hall. There were a lot of things I hadn’t heard of that needed to be on the punch., It was a learning experience for me for sure.

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