Week 6

2|24 – This morning when I got into work I was expecting to keep working on the warehouse additions but instead I was faced with a new challenge. I was given a PDF of a floor plan that only had exterior overall dimensions and a parcel survey line and I was asked to “Revitize” the plan. The plans didn’t need to be 3 dimensional so my first question was should I just draw the lines? Or model with components and wall types? I ended up mostly modeling everything just in case we needed other drawings later and to give me some more practice.

2|25 – 4 hours in Revit building my first model completely from scratch. This time I am revisiting the taxi lot break area from my first week of work. There are 4 different elevation schemes but all with the same floor plan so today I just worked on modeling the plan and placing all of the correct components. Most of the restroom stall components were actually too small so I edited those as well as checking for ADA accessibility.

2|26 – Today was my truss day. Each of the different schemes had a different truss system at the top so I learned how to create new truss families. This took nearly all day – once I got the flow of creating a new family, importing the correct structural members, and drawing chords and webs figured out things started to go much faster. This has been the day when I left work feeling the most proud of myself though! While my truss’ still have a bit of work to be done, I made lots of progress on something more difficult that I have done so far.

2|27 – No work today because of our final design review in studio the next day. Time to be made up over spring break.

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